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Our format of consultancy for bars and restaurants provides special assistance to all levels of this trade to improve your business and knowledge, from being able to simply improve with a classes and meetings in your establishment to deal with all aspects of the business in which we can help you.


- "Cocktail specs"
- Standard and service protocols
- Creation of the concept
- Design and "mise en place" of the bar/floor
- Human Resources
- Opening schedules
- Opening party activity
- Creation of the menu (cocktails and drinks) with calculation of the mark up (sale prices)
- Providers, study of prices, agreements with brands
- Calculation of costs, margins and benefits (GP gross profit and break even point)
- Warehouse, order forms and stock
- Staff training (protocols, cocktails, service, up selling of specifics products etc)
- Brand registration
- Accounting
- Maintenance, bureaucracy (agency, contracts with external maintenance companies, tax form, etc.)
- Marketing, social networks and communication
- Monitoring of the work done (innovations, updates and current level evaluation)
- Sale of bartending tools, products and equipment