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Our courses are aimed to both people that want to make the first step into the bartending world as well asprofessional already in the field that want to improve their knowledge, and also to those that are a fan and have interest about this object.


-General introduction to Food & Beverage
-The Bartender profile, history and main characteristics
-3 Short training about wine, beer and coffee
-Bar products (liquor, liqueur and other related products used in mixology)
-Bar equipment
-Mise en place (workstation setup)
-Freepouring (freepouring and jigger technique, from the first to the fourth level (speed-round/speed-work, how to make simultaneously 7 drinks at the same time, multitasking)
-Mixing techniques and mechanical method, cocktail’s family
-Juices and pre-mix
-Cocktails recipes (classic, internationals and forgotten cocktails)
-Cellar and stock-take organization
-Bar codes, security and general notes about health and safety


The goal of this course is to give you the best inside and hints about these classes we can master, to make the most of this experience, an important variable of practice outside of the course hours will show to be high beneficial and useful.
This experience is focused around a clear structure and includes all the key knowledge and abilities to become entirely efficient behind the bar.
With this purpose there will be a final exam to check your level.

This course will include a manual/book in colors updated about the whole program, a bar kit, external links to study at your discretion a gadget for the best classified and a certificate.