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We can do a one-day cocktail demonstration that includes  (our goal is) basically the cocktails ingredients, measures, technique and garnish without going deep into too much theory that you can study on your own time whenever you like or going more specifically deeper into a subject required.

As we usually offer this kind of service for an amount of minimum 7/8 people, in this case it would be only for you individually we can schedule 4 hours training done in one day for example from 14.00 till 18.00 or earlier due to opening hours of the venue that is at 18.30, and try to make as many cocktails and garnish we can master to make to give an intense training and get you ready to jump behind the bar and be confident to serve multiple cocktails well presented.

Let us know what it’d be your specific subject you’d like to get stronger at.

The masterclass will include a cocktail spec depending on what your aim is, external links to study at your discretionand a certificate.