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It's about organize a private course depending on how deep you would like to go into bartending. It can be organized in 3 or 4 days, 12-14 to 18-21 hours (6-7 hours per day).

The purpose is to have an advanced level, compared with the basic one reached in the other courses.
The structure will be about 80% practice and 20%.
As we have material that can be studied at home at your own discretion we try to focus on something that cannot be thought online or remotely.


-Free pouring
-Bar Equipment
-mixing technique
-Spirits & mixers
-Cocktails (classics, in fashion, forgotten)
-Service and presentation


The goal of this course is to have a quantity of knowledge not too basic and not confusing, and basically is an intensive way to let you reach a good level in a short time.

This course will include bar equipment that you can use for practice, bar gadgets you can choose from our school, external links to study at your discretion and a certificate.

Asfor the dates they can be discussed further looking at both availability.